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WIFI (Wirtschaftsförderunginstitut) is the largest and best-known adult education provider in Austria. Over 70 years of experience makes WIFI a reliable and renowned training partner.

WIFI Hungaria is part of the WIFI network. In all of our courses, coaching or competence development, we attach great importance to high quality and imparting practical knowledge. The focus is on you and your company, our course will address your needs and interests. WIFI trainers will provide you with a mix of innovative learning methods. Based on personal examples, you will discover solutions you can implement in your job immediately.

More than 50 trainers advise and train our customers daily in trainings and workshops throughout Hungary.


  • Our training is tailored to actual company circumstances.
  • Contents and methodology are tailored to the industry.
  • We seek complex development solutions.

More than 350 partner companies are coming back to us.


  • In our trainings, participants – with the help of excellent trainers – mobilize their knowledge, energy and strength.
  • You can test what is learned right from the start.
  • In this way, the learning process becomes an experience triggering action.

 More than 25,000 people have experienced it and many are living it now and in the future.


  • We strive for direct practical application.
  • This way the development will be successful in the long run, the change will be lasting.

Our customer, clients’ satisfaction is 96%


  • Tailored in-house trainings and open courses
  • Coaching, individual and small group consultations
  • Mapping motivation and engagement – Guide to Motivational Maps®


Leadership Development, Talent Management, Personal Efficiency Enhancement, Project Management, Intercultural & Business Communication, Customer Support, Train the Trainer, Foreman Shift Leader Training, Shopfloor Management, Assistant Training, Facility Management


„First I had thought your programmes were prefabricated and fixed. Then, after meeting your managing director, I came to realise you knew much more than that. You understand what we are looking for and recommend the trainer who fits to us best regarding competence, experience and even mentality. You tailored the trainings completely according to our demands. The work invested was definitely worth it since the participants were extremely satisfied with the trainings and their usefulness. As a customer I especially appreciate that you can put yourself into our shoes and conduct the training’s communication and administration in order for us to have the least work with it afterwards. We could work with you as if you were sitting in the room next door.”
Pécsi Judit,
HR Director
Vienna Insurance Group
„I got in touch with WIFI approximately a year ago because of their shift leader and lean trainings. They work with well-prepared and experienced trainers, the two things I personally find the most important when it comes to trainings. What made our experience with WIFI even better was the plenty of positive feedback we got from our employees after the trainings.”
Király-Szabó Zsuzsanna,
HR Group Leader
Dunapack Packaging
„Our colleagues took part in several trainings with WIFI Hungaria: team building, sales and excel trainings. The trainings were tailored to our needs and were concentrated on practice. Our colleagues met well prepared trainers who were ready to answer all possible questions. Moreover, WIFI’s team is made up of very helpful and solution-oriented employees.”
Nagy Attila,
Managing Director
Doka Hungary