Your Guide to Motivational Maps ® Mapping Motivation and Engagement

Motivational Maps are unique in that they directly help overcome the problems that individuals face in making good career development decisions and that managers and leaders face in improving motivation and performance of their teams…

What are Motivational Maps ®?

Motivational Maps® are an ISO accredited self-perception inventory that:

  • Identifies what a person is motivated by; what a person wants and needs at work to drive high performance
  • Measures to what extent a person’s Motivators are currently being met
  • Provides practical, targeted reward strategies which, when applied, help to drive up motivation levels
  • Enables a person to set meaningful targets for their future motivation levels, have a realistic action plan and so maximise their motivation

Motivational Maps® are based on compelling and original research into motivation and performance – intellectual property which gives organisations using it real competitive advantage.

motivational maps

How to use Motivational Maps®

A questionnaire is completed online (takes 10 minutes) and the Motivational Map® is available immediately. Maps need to be administered by an accredited practitioner.

When to use Motivational Maps®

The Motivational Map® when used with individuals and teams have a number of applications and benefits. The data from individual Maps® is then brought together to produce Team Maps and Organisational Maps to help build on the strengths of everyone working together.

How are Motivational Maps® different to other tools?

Complementary – where a company has already invested in a psychometric such as MBTI or Insights Discovery, Motivational Maps® help deepen self-awareness and the tool is seen as a complementary rather than a ‘same as’ tool

Better – whereas many tools just provide an individual with information, Motivational Maps® collates data across the team, department and whole companies. This enables organisations to get intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, values and more, so they can have more informed and relevant people strategies.

Memorable – the accessible language of Maps makes it memorable long after the initial feedback is given

Measurable – Motivational Maps® is the only tool on the market which measures motivation

Bottom up – Motivational Maps® helps put the employee in the driving seat, by asking “What can I do to increase my own motivation?”

Affordable – Maps are priced to make them scalable and so is very competitive. This enables organisations to roll out Maps® on a big scale cost effectively.

Easy to use – within ten minutes, people understand the language of Motivational Maps® and start to use it. 92% of people have confirmed Motivational Maps® are easy to use

The Motivational Map® when used with individuals


  • Performance appraisals
  • Leadership development
  • Recruitment and retention of staff
  • Talent management
  • Career management
  • Coaching

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness leading to increased motivation and performance
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Improved leadership
  • Better recruitment selections
  • Targeted reward and recognition approaches for people
  •  Better career choices

The Motivational Map® when used with teams


  • Change management programmes
  • Engagement and reward strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Managing project teams
  • Performance appraisal
  • Talent management
  • Internal communications

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Improved employee satisfaction through having a targeted approach
  • Better team work and greater productivity
  • Superior leadership skills
  • Better recruitment choices
  • Focused and more effective reward and recognition strategies