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In the current period, we support our customers with online solutions and a new offers that adapt and respond to the circumstances. We are happy to answer inquiries by phone or E-mail.

Beáta Földváry

managing director

Tel: +36 30 552 1734

Judit Jurcsisin

office manager

Tel: +36 30 560 2435


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Customer service opening hours: 
On workdays: 8 am to 5 pm.
Our address and the venue of the programmes announced in our trainig calendar:
WIFI Hungária Oktató és Továbbképző Intézet
24 Bajza Street, Budapest 1062, third floor, doorbell 31

Parking options:

  • 11 Damjanich street, next to SPAR
  • 58 Rottenbiller street, Budapest 1077 – parking lot
  • Bajza Street and its surroundings belong to parking zone 2, which costs 450 Ft/hour.